How exactly do you build with the GPL source release? (aka 4.00 firmware broke "git")


I have downloaded the GPL source from

I have an Ubuntu VM (14.04), I have installed qemu-user-static and binfmt-support packages as suggested.

How on earth do you actually rebuild a debian package using this system? I think the instructions provided are:

(1) incomplete (builds terminate in chroot)

(2) incompatible (in one README we are directed to do the build in Ubuntu 10.04, which is wholly incompatible with the remainder of the instructions)

Can someone please post step-by-step instructions on what EXACTLY we have to do in order to build a, say, ‘git’ package for the WD My Cloud? I’m very frustrated that git and a great many other packages are broken from apt-get in the new 4.00 firmware release, which is 90% of the backup use I had for my WD My Cloud.

I am linux knowledgeable, but guessing my way through chroot jail code (and, for example, whether I am supposed to copy over the patched binutils to one directory or another) seems like a bit much to ask for users who don’t want to void their warranty.

I’d appreciate a prompt and complete response.

Since this is not something WD supports, it will require a response from one of the Linux guys here on the community.  However, I would search some of the threads, cause I think they’ve talked about his.


I’m not going to do a bunch of work here (I don’t own a my cloud)

but unless your buiding directly on the My Cloud, building inside a chroot is a waste

first problem I see, if they say ubuntu 10.04 and your on 14.04 that alone could be the problem

but I can understand what you would not want to build on 10.04, just setting up a working 10.04 apt-get and a bunch of other stuff would need to be patched to work correctly as it’s an archived platform

something more reasonable is to install 12.04, does not require any patching for apt-get to work

and is closer to the old 10.04 so you will have fewer problems