Transmission rebuild for FW 4

I’ve been trying to rebuild Transmission for FW 4 based on WD’s documentation for the past 2 hours but no luck so far.

I have 64 bit ubuntu running in a VM. I installed the packages required as per WD document, namely  "qemu-user-static"and “binfmt-support”

Now im no Linux expert at all…I could be doing this wrong. but when i try to rebuild transmission, it starts wroking on it for like 5 mins and then eventually fails:

I run the following command at “/gpl-source-sequoia-04.00.00-607/packages/build_tools/debian”

./ --pagesize=64k transmission wheezy

The entire build log is over a thousand linesk. I’ll put it on drop box soon and paste link here

EDIT: Log file for the build process


Please be aware this is not supported by Western Digital. Extreme caution is recommended.

@Jstaff.  Well i understand that its not supported but you guys do provide the source code and the tools… You should atleast support your tool and its setup and excution.

I’m only trying to figure out and help others what WD has broken for many…