WD MyCloud- PHP Unsupported Version Detection


I am currently on a 2.31.204 version on my WD MyCloud. While running a vulnerability scan on my device, I realized that the PHP version installed on the device is way behind on its update. According to my security scanner, this MyCloud version is on 5.4.45 (see scan report at bottom).

I tried to SSH to device and update the package, however I am unable to run "apt-get " command on this device. Is there any way to update the PHP package on this device? if no, when can we expect a firmware update for this device?


#### PHP Unsupported Version Detection

##### Description

According to its version, the installation of PHP on the remote host is no longer supported.

Lack of support implies that no new security patches for the product will be released by the vendor. As a result, it is likely to contain security vulnerabilities.

##### Solution

Upgrade to a version of PHP that is currently supported.

##### Output

** Source : X-Powered-By: PHP/5.4.45
Installed version : 5.4.45
End of support date : 2015/09/03
Announcement : http://php.net/supported-versions.php
Supported versions : 7.1.x / 7.2.x / 7.3.x*

DO NOT run apt-get on these devices. They use custom firmware created by WD and apt-get has been well known (in this subforum) to brick (render unusable) the single bay/single drive My Cloud.

You can try to roll your own firmware with updated packages (as quite a few are way out of date) by using the GPL firmware WD offers on their support site.


For the second gen v2.x single bay My Cloud the latest GPL appears to be WD_MyCloud_GPL_v2.31.204_20191206.tar.gz:

@Bennor thanks for the tip. Is there a step-by-step guide somewhere on how to update packages or build firmware using GPL firmware source codes? I have read the README file from the download, but it is more like a general guide. I actually never attempted GPL based firmware update before. Most of the time, I just default to the generic firmware update released by WD when it comes to keeping MyCloud up-to-date. Any guidance would be appreciated.

The forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) brings up some past discussion on the subject.


Note: There is a difference between the first gen v3.x/v4.x firmware and the second gen v2.x firmware so bear that in mind when looking at how people built firmware for the first gen My Cloud’s.

on the gen2 you need to compile the package with static libraries.