How do I view .m4v videos?

I have a lot of DVD’s that I own and have ripped as .mv4 files so I can watch them from my hard drive when I travel. I’ve always been able to just double click and the movie would open up on my macbook pro. I copied some of these files to My Cloud so I could access them remotely, but when I log in to My Cloud and double click on one of the .m4v files, it starts to download the file, rather than playing it.

Am I doing something wrong? Thanks for any help on this.

Don’t think this is possible using a computer. I have both an iPhone and an iPad, and when using the My Cloud app on either device I can stream my m4v movies remotely from the My Cloud NAS at home to either device. Works great.

Basically, you have to use a mobile app on a mobile device. I can use other apps beside My Cloud to get the job done as well.

Thanks Mike,
That’s really helpful. I didn’t even think of trying on my ipad or iphone. If that works it’ll be perfect. I can even put them on the tv using airplay.
Thanks again!

Great, hope it all goes well for you.

Hi @mike27oct, you mentioned other apps beside My Cloud, what apps are you using on iPad to watch videos?

Try FiieBrowser; a one-time cost of $6 gets it installed on both iPhone and iPad. It can cast media to a Chromecast device, too. Can be set up to use remotely if you want to. I love this app. Great interface, and continually improved with new updates monthly. Go to to learn about it. This is a professionally made app; not a garage app maker’s creation.

I noticed in the screenshot of the app in app store. It seems like it’s using the iOS built-in video player to play video, is that correct? I mean if this is true, it means we can only streaming video that has the format supported by iOS.

Well, you asked about m4v files at the beginning of this thread. Remember, the iOS devices can only natively play videos the iOS device supports. Same is true for music and photo files. There is nothing wrong playing videos with the built-in player of an iOS device.

If you want to use some other program to play videos not supported by iOS then that program also needs to be installed on the iPad. FileBrowser has a control to allow you to link to another program to play if it cannot play a video. I play mv4/mp4 videos only with my iOS devices. So, no problem for me.

As I know, M4V video are usually rent or bought from iTunes. In order to play iTunes M4V movies, you can input your apple ID and password to authorize the movies. Or alternatively, you can use a Windows M4V Converter to help you strip the DRM protection from M4V, then you will be able to play them like common files.