How do I submit a support request?

I have a WDTV Live SMP which I cannot connect to from my OSX El Capitan. I want to submit a support request but the submission form just will not accept my part number or serial number.
Part number WDBHG70000NBK-01
Serial number Deleted - Trancer
These were taken from the back of the unit and carefully subitted both as model numbers and part numbers but they are rejected as invalid each time. I cannot get past that.

As an aside, why does a company describe the number one way on the back of the unit but another way on their web site?

Hi @Buddyboy_4 - thank you for reporting the issue with the Get Help page. I’ve passed this along to the developers in charge of that part of the page.

I attempted to create a case using the same model number and got the same error so we need to look into why this is not working. In the interim, I’d suggest giving tech support a call so they can get your case started for you. You can get your local support number at

Thanks for being there for all of us Great Scott. I will follow up via phone.

By the way, my aside question remains. I have noticed a lot of companies do the same. They refer to the model number one way on the back of their product but when you go to submit something to them on their web site they give the number a different name. One place says “Part Number” and the other place says “Model Number”. It’s a small point but can be unnecessarily confusing, especially when the number is not accepted, as in this case.

Just to close this off. Irrespective of my initial problems, I contacted WD by phone. They were superb. A tech arranged to call at a time convenient to me and spent almost an hour working with me. My problem, not WD’s but Apple’s fault, was fixed with a workaround. Excellent service from WD. My unit is about three years old by the way. :smile: