Trying to open a support case at WD but got an error

Trying to open a support case at:

Filling all data in this form and supplying captcha correctly ALLWAYS return an error: Unexpected error:

I tried for several days in a row.
Does anyone is having this problem ?

As long as you are at this page: it should not have any issues. I was able to submit a test case right now without problems.

Still not working.
Tried with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.

See error at

Please call our support directly 888.426.5214. I’m not sure why you’re having issues with a case submission.


Just leave “Model Number” BLANK.
The case was opened.

Hi Rydia my new case number is 010719-13522933. Can you view it to see if I provided enough detail.

Thank you,
Ron Moseley