Hacked WD TV Live Gen 3

Hello everyone. This is my first post. And I’m posting here since I couldn’t send a support email on Weds Support page. I just get an error saying my model doesn’t exist.
Some month ago my Asus router got hacked and the hacker worked for month before I discovered it. So every device in my house is infected or hacked in someway. I am now on a new router and hard resetting every device that isn’t a PC. And everything is shutdown except for one new android device. So I started up the WD TV live first and did a portscan on it and found a lot of open ports that I haven’t seen before. It has 30000 ndmps open and 3388 Cbserver and 1357 pegboard. Does anyone know what this is?


have you tried emailing support?


What is your model number so I can look into the support issue?

Hello. I tried to fill in the fields in the support page but it just said
that my model didn’t exist.
But anyway the model has the following part number and serial number
written on the bottom.
S/N [Deleted-Privacy]
It’s a Western Digital TV Live Gen3 bought in Sweden

Thanks for responding. I will have our programmers look into it.


We’re still looking into this. Did you use your model number, or did you actually put in your serial number?

I entered the part number that is written on the bortom of the device.

I got the error when I entered your serial number (s/n) rather than the part number (p/n). Part of the issue was that your part number was incorrect. Try using the part number without the -12, and it should work.

I did. It didnt work

All right. Then it’s still going to require the programmers to fix it. They are looking into it.

The device runs linux, right? Look on google how to hack it. There are ways
to telnet and then turn on ssh and then plant your stuff in it. It has
vulnerabilities as all iot:s has because programers don’t know squat about
security. It"s all, lets run upnp, lets run media servers on non secure
protocolls and people like Me can find how to hack the stuff on Youtube in
1 minute. Forget Linux. Don’t make the root writable. Force boot from usb
and if the usb gets corrupted we customers can just throw it away and put
in another usb for the os.
No matter if it is a samsung smart tv or wd tv live or a refridgerator.
They all run linux. Its Free so less cost and poor security.

The Contact Support page is now fixed.