How do I Create Two Volumes?

I have a 4 TB EX2 that I don’t need mirrored. I used the WD access interface to configure into one volume. I want to have two volumes, so I can keep the space I’d like to allocate for backups from my PC separate from space I’d like to use to allow access to MyCloud. But I don’t see an option to create two volumes? PC runs on Windows 10.

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Yes, you can do that by changing the RAID configuration to JBOD.

JBOD: The use of one or more drives not in a RAID configuration but managed as
separate logical volumes

Please note that changing the RAID, will reformat the drives inside and will remove any data on the units.

See page 83 of the user manual for detailed information about changing the RAID


that worked perfectly, thanks!
But I can’t “see” the two volumes in MS Explorer? It only shows (under Network) volume 1 / public. How do I access Volume 2?

Did you find a way to use the 2 drives seperatly Steve? I’ve been trying to do the exact same thing with the new EX2 Ultra without success. Jbod only creates one large volume.

When I did it, it worked fine. I logged in & I was immediately taken to the storage tab. Change Raid Mode. Selected Add Volume if I remember correctly. It did it’s drive check. Then formatted it. The drive then showed up as Volume 2.

Now go into Shares. Add a share. Select Volume 2 & name the share whatever you want. You should now have a Share setup on Volume 2.

I am having trouble with this too. I have two volumes set up in JBOD, each with a private share set up with the correct settings. Upon logging into Filezilla or using Nautilus in Gnome via FTP, I only see the P2P, Public and the private share on Volume 1. Only by logging into the NAS and switching the private share on Volume 2 to public (and later switching it back) will I then get to see it being listed. This is rather troublesome to do each time you turn on the NAS or when the drive goes to sleep. Any way to fix this?

I have the same problem. Sometimes Windows 10 sees it and at other times, it does not.
I do not have add volume option under Storage menu.
But under Storage > Disk Status, I do see two disks.

Has anyone figured an answer to that? Thanks.

I had the same problem until I read this entire post. I have my EX4 set up with 2 JBOD drives. Then I have several Shares setup on Volume 1, and a Share called Backup on Volume 2. When I go into Windows File Manager it shows all of the shares as Folders on the EX4 drive.

The only way I can tell that the Backup data in on Volume 2, is to go into the Dashboard under Shares and click on each Share name and see what volume it is on.

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