WD EX2 issue after installing a second Hard disk in JBOD mode

Hi there,

Originally my EX2 had only one hard drive (4TB) in JBOD mode. Few days ago, I installed a second hard disk (4TB) and configured it in JBOD mode as well. After installing second hard disk my available capacity was 4.8TB. I connected a portable hard disk with EX2 via USB 3.0 port and copied data on my EX2 using “Web File Viewer”. Now my available capacity is 3.8TB.

I am facing couple of issues now.

  1. I am unable to copy any data directly into my EX2 or even create a new folder. I get a popup saying “There is not enough space on Public”. I can still move/copy data using “Web File Viewer”.

  2. I am getting warning “Volume usage is above 95. Your volume 1 usage is close to full capacity. You may begin to experience performance issues. Ensure that your files are backed up, then move files off of your drive to create free space.”.

I do not know how can I manage data between both volumes so that I can keep a check on the individual utilization of the hard disks.

All help is appreciated :).

Thanks a lot.

I believe the problem you’re having here is simply this: you’ve added a second 4TB drive into the second bay and properly formatted it, but you’re not actually using it at all :slight_smile:

From what I can tell, you probably assumed the space on the second drive will be added to the first automatically and you could continue adding files to the NAS. Unfortunately, when your NAS is configured in JBOD mode, the hard drives are independent of each other. That means the files and folders found on the first volume are neither copied, found nor uses any disk space on the second volume, unlike what usually happens in RAID or Spanning modes. You’ve added your second drive, but you are still copying fresh data onto your original Public folder, which is found ONLY in Volume_1.

The fix for this problem is to create a new Share and select Volume_2 as the destination. Give it another name like Public2, and copy your files from your USB drive or Public folder to it instead. Try freeing up about 200GB from Volume_1 and move it to your new drive, to get rid of the red light and warning message. Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot. I just found this same solution you proposed on another post. I am trying it right now. :slight_smile:

Since you’re using JBOD, you need to create a second volume on the second disk, and create separate shares in that volume. JBOD volumes can’t share space between the disk, nor can the shares. So since PUBLIC is in volume 1, you’re using all the space on the first disk.

In JBOD either volume fails rest of the Volume data stays intact right. .Say Volume 2 failes . I can still retrieve data from Volume 2 right.

its more like adding multiple disk in PC but instead it has nas features without Replication functionality.

Unless Raid0 or 1 goes if one hdd retrieval of data will be in vein. Offcoure raid 1 will retrieve data. But at cost of 1 hdd.