Adding 2nd Drive to EX2100 - how to map / activate / use?

I have been using my EX2100 with a single Red 6TB drive. It is set up as a JBOD drive and it shows up as Drive1, Volume_1.

Months later, I have just added a 2nd Red 6TB drive into the NAS. It shows up as Drive2 and it is Healthy.

Question: How do I access the new drive? I intend to use it as a 2nd JBOD drive. I have read through the manual, searched the knowledgebase here and nothing. The closest thing seems to be Change RAID Mode but I don’t want to try something that might wipe data off my Drive1. What’s the procedure?


Well, if you can’t find a way. . . . Copy all data from NAS to another drive not connected to NAS (from NAS to drive on PC via the wired network) then reconfigure NAS, then copy data back onto drive. This ought to do it and your data is intact.

Thanks for the reply, Mike. Yes, that’s kind of my backup plan. But that’s going to be a real PITA - got to find that much space plus just the time for the system to move all those TBs of files. There must be a “proper” way to do this (make the new drive accessible)!

Hi group, no solutions? Getting very anxious for a way to do this.


No Problem - got the same…
Go to change RAID, there you find the Second Option to make a Second JBOD.
Step by step you will find the next thing to do
The Second disc will than formatet and the First will have all Data like before, Nothing gets lost.
Now you can create new Folders witch you can give free on second Drive.

Hope can help you - Trust me your Heart will come down After that…

Sorry for the Bad englisch- Gruß aus Germany

Hi Lothar
Thanks for your solution/suggestion. I will try this out (am out of town now but will be back early next week). I will report back here what happened so that it might help out someone else in the future.
Many thanks!

P/S Your English is fine, Lothar - I can understand what you are saying and that is the most important thing. Take care, you in Germany :slight_smile: