How do I back up old MyBook Live drive to a new drive?

I have a very old MyBook Live (2Tb) and would like to replace the drive. I bought a WD40EFRX hoping I could use it. Since the MyBook Live is a single drive NAS, how do I copy the data to a new drive? I have tried to copy the data to an external hard drive but no matter what computer OS I am using (Windows XP when it was still supported, Windows 7 Pro, and Windows 10) the copy would always fail or not copy everything. It (Windows) would appear to time out so things did not get copied.

If the WD40EFRX Red NAS drive will not work as a replacement in the MyBook Live, what will work? How do I hook up the second drive to copy the data to since the Live is single drive?

Is there any software that will do the copy? I do miss the functionality of the old Xcopy. I suspect the big problem would be in hooking up the two drives at the same time.

How should the new drive be formatted?

Thank you for your help.

Are you talking about removing the 2TB drive from the enclosure and replacing it with the 4TB ?

If yes, then it’s not as simple as it sounds.

Click the link below and read all the information in the link below … and good luck.

Yes that is what I want to do. The main problem is in figuring out how I can have the two drives or NAS and a drive hooked up somewhere and copy the data to the new drive.

I did not see anything in the thread you linked that tells me how to remove the drive from the MBL let alone how to copy or clone the data to another drive.

Also how does the new replacement drive need to be formatted?

Thank you.

that information is in the link i posted.

You didn’t look hard enough … plenty links of information in that thread