3 TB WD My Book Live Drive Replacement Help

I have a 3 TB WD My Book Live Drive and I inherited it from a friend.  I have removed the drive from the enclosure because I want to put in a smaller drive, I know this may sound strange, but I have better use for the drive elsewhere and I only want to network the one drive. 

I have the capability to use windows or mac, but am unable to figure out how to clone this 3 tb drive onto the 1 tb drive I intend to use, when I plug the drive into my computer, on mac side it shows up as 3 unreadable disks, on the windows side it doesn’t show up at all, should I clone this drive?  Is there a way to plug in the 1tb drive and add some drivers or something, I am just unable to figure out a solution. 

It seems strange to me, with a time capsule if the disk were to go bad I could plug in a new disk, open airport utility and format the new disk.  Inevitably someone will have a my book live drive and the disk will go bad, how will they be able to put in the new disk and use it, very confused on this, and it has taken up days of my time I would be so appreciative if someone could help me.  Thanks.



it will not work the way you think. The MyBookLive is not just a box with a drive and a network card. It’s a small computer running Linux! The drive is formated with a Linux compatible filesystem and simplyfied said there is some software running called Samba share to make the most part of the drive able to store data in a Windows or Mac accessible way. So, if you want to replace the drive you need to have the new drive being installed with a compatible Linux and being formatted in a similar way. If you format the disk with Mac or Windows it wont work, as the OS for the MBL is missing and the filesystem will be incompatible.


Thank you for your response, do you know of a program for mac or windows (or linux for that matter) that will completely clone the drive so that I will not lose any of this?  Thanks again for your response.


I am in the same boat, use WIndows 7 and Mac OS X 10.7, It appears my MBL 3tb NIC has malfunctioned.

http://clonezilla.org/ is what you want. You will want the “LIVE” version. Make the CD then boot from it and it will prompt you from that point. It is linux and there are a couple places you need to be careful and read what it says. The part you want to be careful at is when chosing the destination (ie the usb drive you want to copy the drive image to. This software has worked for my school when ghost has refused to back up a drive. It will be good for what you need to do, but go slow and be careful- use beginner mode.  Good luck!

My friend.

As far as i can understand your post. Is it possible to clone/backup MBL and restore it in other hard disk, or even in a new virtual machine? I need that becaus i want to test some installations and i’m afraid of doing them directly on my MBL