Working MyBook Live, Want to clone before it dies

I’ve had my MyBook live for about 5 years now with no issues. It’s all configured and still works like a charm. That being said, I don’t want to wait too much longer before I replace it or the hards drive which would be the best option in my mind. I want to clone the drive (2TB) and would like some advice. Can I just pull it out, dock it, and use Macrium and clone to a similar sized HD and put it back in? Could I do a SSD drive? Looking for best option. Yes I could do a whole new drive and newer MyCloud one, but I have all of this networked and mobile and I really don’t want to have to redo all of that. Any suggestions/help would be appreciated.

Pretty sure cloning isn’t going to work. I put a new drive in mine after a failure. There is a thread here about doing it. It’s worked out well, after all it is still up and running. I considered a new NAS but liked the challenge the MBL was presenting me with so I did a 3TB WD Red replacement, which was the same drive it came with. HERE is a link to the thread. It’s long but make sure you read through the whole thing for trouple shooting if you do a replacement and have an issue. I dunno if nfodiz (the original poster of the thread) is still around but he helped me when I had an issue doing mine.

Thank you. I did see that and the thing about it is that my WD drive isn’t bricked. It works fine. I just want to put a new one in before this one does die and i’m dead in the water. So i was thinking a clone would work since the drive is fine and could copy to a new one.

Just follow the directions read the whole thread because the info is there for a new drive. There is an image file you burn to the new drive using the software mentioned in the thread. It’s best to use the same size drive i.e. don’t try going from 3 to 4tb if you have a 3tb buy a new 3tb. Just scroll down through the original post to “Guide 2 (3TB MBL)” if you have a 3TB MBL. The main thing is do not do anything until you have read all the info and completely understand what to do. Have a battle plan BEFORE you go into battle!

I looked at it like this…I have nothing to lose. If I couldn’t have made the new drive work in the MBL I was going to buy a new disk less NAS device and install it in that. Either way I was a winner :slight_smile:

they may not understand your needs. yes, cloning the hdd entirely by taking out the bare hdd, will let you keep a emergency copy when the initilal unit die off one day. your idea is brilliant.
i regretted when my unit dead and i found no way to reinstall the proprietary linux system on new hdd, like installing DSM on synology, there is no way for WD.