My Book Live HDD Upgrade

Hi, I currently have a MyBook Live 1TB NAS and I’m very pleased with it so far. However it is almost full and I’m wondering how possibly it is to open the enclosure and replace the 1TB drive with a larger HDD.

My initial plan is to buy a compatible HDD (ideally 4TB), disassemble the unit using the ‘How to unbrick a dead MBL’ tutorial, copy the 1TB drive image to the new drive before re-assembling the unit with the new drive. 

I was hoping that someone here could answer a few questions for me:

  1. Is this feasible?
  2. What is the largest size of HDD the MBL can work with?
  3. Can anyone recommend a suitable/compatible HDD to replace the stock one in the My Book Live?

Thanks a lot.

Not streightforward. The NAS’s operating system is on the drive so a streight swap of the drive won’t work. I just don’t have the knowledge to do this. You will need to correctly partition a new drive and opt the operating system from the old drive to the new drive.

it is possible.