How do I allow my printer access to my wd Cloud Mirror network

How do I allow my printer access to my wd Cloud Mirror network

The MyCloud Mirror is just a NAS drive, there is no print feature from the drive’s UI.
You would access the files from your computer and print from the computer like you normally would. Perhaps you could clarify your needs?

Dear Timothy,

Sorry for the non clarifications of my needs. actually I am trying to connect my printer cum scanner to the share folder in the my cloudmirror (ie. I scan the documents and it will direct to the folder as specified.)

however, I tried many attempts to name the path name as requested by the printer still unable to do so.

i have tried the following path names:

  1. \\wdmycloudmirror\shares\mainfolder\scandocs
  2. \\wdmycloudmirror\mainfolder\scandocs
  3. \wdmycloudmirror\shares\mainfolder\scandocs
  4. \wdmycloudmirror\mainfolder\scandocs

are you able to advise?

thank you

Your printer may not be able to access through a direct file path. Try mapping a network drive to the share you want to scan to on the MyCloud. Once the computer assigns a local drive letter to your computer, it should make the path available.

Dear Timothy,

Really thanks for your help and advise.

I finally manage to link up the PC and printer(scanner).

cheers and have a wonderful day

Hi Leng_Hock_Ong,
I am trying to do the same, namely scanning from my HP laser printer (M277dw) to the public folder on my wd Cloud Mirror, but it is not working. As suggested here I have mapped a network drive to the public folder on my Cloud Mirror, but I am not able to make it work,

Cloud you kindly specify in detail how you resolved your issue ?

Many Thanks …