Horrible Sound Noise Internal Hard Drive WD Purple WD82PURZ

My hard drive sounds identical to this:

Another video:

The sound starts very loud, and every 5 seconds it clicks, also on sudden occasions, even if you are not reading or writing, you start to hear it very fast.

Anyone who has this model or the previous one who can confirm if these sounds are normal?
This would be the third time that I send it to guarantee and it sounds the same as the previous two.
The hard drive comes from a batch made in Thailand dated March 2020. Please help me :frowning: I would appreciate it infinitely if you specify that the sounds are normal.


The hard disk is operating at 59 C and according to the manual the temperature is normal, nor do I have any programs that are causing the problem of constantly analyzing the disk.
The disk was tested with a dock, an external casing and on a desktop computer and all emit the same noises, electricity problem is also ruled out.
I passed WD Lifeguard’s extended and fast test.
Programs like crystaldiskinfo and victoria mark it in good condition.
The hard drive is new.

The purple series disks are generally used in surveillance installations where the disk is being written to continually. The 8TB size allows for a longer period before loopback is necessary.

The disk is not designed for general purpose consumer purposes.

The green/blue series are better suited for media libraries etc.

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Then… are a normal sound for this type of hdd?

Some chassis use grommets to cut down on vibration depending on the design

usually surveillance hardware is in a smaller chassis

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tank you very much vegan, now im feel more quiet. :smile: I chatted online with western digital and they told me it’s completely normal. I hope that someone who happens the same is calmer now :slight_smile:

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I used more expensive chassis which do come with trays that have grommets to secure the disks. Vibration is a given in a PC due to fans and hard disks.

There are grommets for all types of PC fans as well. The vanity market for PCs is rich with options.

thank you, I had the same problem,I bought it used since 11h and had 40 starts/stops and I was afraid that I bought damaged HDD, now I really know, that’s normal :smiley:

That ticking sound is normal for these drives.