WD purple short grinding sound

I got a new WD purple 2TB sata II a few days ago. I used it in a desktop just to store various files such as videos, docs,archives ,etc.
Generally , the drive works fine and no errors or alerts. the temperature is fine 30~37.SMART and other parameters are good.

But I noticed short grinding harsh noise that occurs intermittently. a sound not like the head movement or the spinning. another sound I don’t know.

Sure, it’s not so loud ,but noticeable and the kind of that sound is strange to me . a sound I never hear in the green or blue drives I have.

I isolated the HDD to make sure that the sound comes directly from it . I checked the cables and they are all perfect and new and worked on my sata3 green HDDs.

It’s sometimes like random clunk or click. it occurs even when idle doing no read/write jobs.

It most appeared during archiving and extracting archives of large or small sizes. or when launching a file on the drive. It was highly apparent when running the Quick Test of WD lifeguard diagnostics although it passed the test.

I don’t use the drive as a system disk,or run any programs or games.

I’m new with purple disks, so I searched about it and used the AAM control in (hdsentinel) program and adjusted the slider to minimum performance and volume (80h) level.

the noise lowers , I mean there is a difference, but it doesn’t disappear. and still the same sounds.

Also I read here in this community These drives do work with quite low noise and temperature levels.

I’m worried about falling to a faulty drive and losing my data anytime.
So my question is : Is it a healthy drive that normal or should I replace it?



Take a look at this link. Hope it helps.

thanks for help . It really settled the case and I replaced the hdd.