WD82PURZ noise normal (audio included)

Hi all,

I have a new 8TB WD Purple Surveillance HDD ( WDC WD82PURZ-85TEUY0) installed in a UniFi UDM Pro.

At first is was quiet, just the normal clicking etc…

Then it started the whirring/vibration sound as per the below video, louder than the video suggests. It coincided with the light on my device, and I turned off all other devices/fans.

Lasted for around a week, then suddenly stopped again a day ago.

Today I tested the drive with the SHORT SMART TEST, all ok.
The EXTENDED SMART TEST stuck at 10% for an hour, drive getting hot (50C) so I aborted.

Any advice please?

VOLUME UP - the noise is loud enough to be heard 5m away clearly over a TV.

@877 Current drive technology dictates that some noise will occur during normal drive operation. The type and volume of noise is dependent on whether the is drive performing a read/write operation or idle with the heads parked.

Please refer to the link below for more information:
Link: How To Tell If The Noise or Sound An Internal Drive Makes is Normal

Well…what did you think of the noise in the video?

I already checked that link, it says:

Abnormal drive sounds include:
 Vibration sounds due to either vibration in the mounting hardware or in rare cases, a drive failure

I think this drive sound is abnormal, and I attached the video so I could get more opinions.

As per the details shared with us, I suspect drive is malfunctioning.

Please contact to WD for Technical Support

Thank you, I have spoken to support and I am returning the drive for a new replacement to the online retailer.

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