WD82PURZ 8TB, brand new drive making horrendous noise

Got a brand new WD82PURZ in my camera server for recording cam streams. It’s making nonstop noise that’s vibrating into the chassis. It’s audible from 6ft away easily.
I know the drive is being used nonstop from continuous recording I just would not expect noise to this degree.
As strange as it may seem I’ve noticed if I remote desktop in the machine the noise subsides as long as I’m remoted into. If I close remote desktop the noise will resume. I have no clue how that would affect the situation.

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Please refer to the following KBA article: How To Tell If The Noise or Sound An Internal Drive Makes is Normal

@jgree32 is it anything like the noise in my post?

It doesn’t sound loud on the video, but it’s super loud and annoying in real life…

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