Strange noise from WD black edition 750Gb

My hard drive (black edition 750Gb) at work suddenly emits strange sound. This sound is metal-like and very similar to heads parking or head vibration. Sound isn’t periodical. I have not seen any reduction in speed of drive. Tests from WD (Data lifeguard) and other: Victoria, mhdd works fine. SMART is clean. What is it? 


Have you confirmed and/or isolated with certainty that the noise you are hearing is indeed coming from the drive?  Is it constant? or only heard when the disk is being accessed?  Probably hard to discern. 

If the drive tests healthy, you have no reason to stop using it.  Hopefully you have a back up solution implemented.  Its hard to say what you are hearing since we aren’t there.  I’d keep and eye on it. 

I made a search on Google about this topic and came out with this result.

I also experience this strange metallic/buzzing noise from my new WD 750GB Caviar Black.

The noise is not periodical, but happens most when I leave the PC in idle state, maybe I’m on the laptop and the PC emits this strange noise. (no suspended mode or else, hte PC is just sitting there on windows 7 64 bit desktop)

I think it has to do with some sort of switching of state (?) but I’m not expert so I cannot really tell if it’s an issue or it’s normal.

I isntalled my system a coupple of days ago, the HDD was new.

Did anyone report this?


I am like sort of experiencing a similar problem.

I have bought a week ago a WD15EADS and from time to time seem to hear metalic scratching from the hard drive. Similar to someone scratching nails on a school board, but of course not that loud and distinct. This can happen when transfering data or just sitting doing nothing. I ran diagnostics and nothing is reported as unusual.

Has anyone figured out already what these noises are? I’m felling a bit unconfortable with this, since the hard drive is holding a lot of data at this moment, although nothing shows on diags, my long experience in IT tells me that an unusual noise in a hard drive is never good news.


Having similar problem with brand new WD Blue edition 320 Gb 2 platter manufactured  march this year.Received as replacement for faulty WD Black Edition 320 GB on Friday.Today i`ve installed it and sounds started.Tested it with few different apps-no problems but just loud already annoying sound every few seconds.Compared to older WD Black Edition from 320 GB and 1 TB and even older Seagate Barracuda this drive is quite noisy and since no problems i cant return it just because those sounds.