Hibernate FAQs?

Hi !

Now I’ve figured how to segregate my files into DLNA and non-DLNA folder trees / shares, I’ve another problem…

There’s no back-ups yet scheduled, I’ve set my myCloud NAS to hibernate, but it just sits there, humming happily. The little blue light stays on.

I’ve searched forum, knowledge base and FAQs, come up short… (Why ?)

How do I know if myCloud is hibernating ?

Will it hibernate while I have the UI open in Chrome ?

Will it hibernate if eg Mozilla Thunderbird routinely checks for e-mails ??

What else will prevent it hibernating ??

I’ve seen the link to Microsoft’s unhelpful comments on non-hibernating / frequent wakes with Win7, but I’ve 8.1u1. Given my previous NAS, a big Seagate goFlex, wore out young because it would not hibernate, I’m a bit paranoid…

Are you sure you want it to Hibernate or just go into Standby Mode? See image below for Standby Mode. This can be selected in the Dashboard>Settings>General>Energy Saver.


See the User Manual too, Energy Saver, P.78.

To see my You Tube video of my My Cloud in Standby Mode use this link.


You can find more information too by looking at the Help provided in the Dashboard. See image below.

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cat0w (USA)

How can I spin down the drive but leave the NAS itself awake?   I’m thinking ARP requests bring the whole thing out of standby unnecessarily.

Ah, thank you ! Sorry, my terminology is out of date…

But, I do have ‘sleep mode’ set, and the drive is still humming away. I can feel the case vibrating, the heads shifting.

One problem may be that, even though my vast data archive is NOT set for DLNA use, the benighted drive is building media thumbnails for it. Yup, that’s ~110,000 items, of which it has scanned 1~~2 % .

So, it will be three (3) months before the drive can sleep ??

Not funny !!

Ideas ??

And, how can I tell if the drive is sleeping ? Does the blue light change colour or dim or something ?

Does having the UI open in a browser window keep the drive awake ??

Your Question?

And, how can I tell if the drive is sleeping ? Does the blue light change colour or dim or something ?

My Answer, I guess you did not look at my You Tube video. It shows the blue light pulsing.

See P.10 of the User Manual.

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cat0w (USA)

The drive will spin down after 10 minutes of no disk activity.  Check the /var/log/user.log for messages that the drive

has woke up.  If you more /var/log/user.log|grep after.  you will see the entries for when the drive woke up.  The number

following after is the number of seconds that the drive was in standby.


The light is solid blue, and likely to stay that way until the drive melts.

myCloud stalled after ‘thumbnailing’ several thousand items of my ‘non-DLNA’ material. After several days without progress, I rebooted the drive. Now it does not show ‘available space’. Also, it is not finding any thumbnails, with count stuck at 0% despite persistent ‘Building thumbnails’ message.

I don’t think the myCloud can cope with the arrival of a big directory tree. Incremental growth, sure, but not a mature ‘redwood’…

I’m approaching the unhappy conclusion that this myCloud will NOT work as a combined DLNA & generic file server.

For data stability and portability reasons, I WILL NOT ‘zip’ my many, many research files. I have spent far too long salvaging stuff from crashed drives to add any further layer of complication. Similarly, I prefer TXT to DOC format.

To determine if your device is entering standby.  Just ‘grep after /var/log/user.log’.  This will display evertime

your syste woke up from standby.  The number after the word after is the number of seconds that it slept.  If

you have samba running you may see numbers that range from 8 seconds up.  With samba stopped you could see numbers in the thousands.

I don’t think you should be indexing text files.  I would have thought that it would only be music/photos/videos that get indexed.

I think there is talk on this forum about stopping indexing or limiting it to specific folders.


After posting that piccy (0%) I closed the UI in disgust and got on with my day.

24 hrs later, I’ve opened the UI to check on the drive, got a surprise.

Perhaps the mini-smarts in the myCloud cannot ‘walk and chew gum’ ?

Perhaps you must close the UI to release enough processor power for *serious* house-keeping ??


Whatever, I’ve begun looking at swapping this hamster-powered myCloud for a Synology frame…