Here are 7 reasons why I now wish to use WDMC as an anger management device

True. I just think if you have to restore a device within a month or so of owning it… probably gonna be needed again isnt it?

The thing is, I think the device is actually doing what its capable of doing. I am not convinced I would see a different performance even if I did restore it.

Google Translate to the rescue…

1. Yes, the device is incredibly slow and WD has used all available crutches to squeeze the maximum out of it. This is partly managed by sacrificing compatibility with “Nomarlnym” software (PageSize = 64kb against standard 4kb)

2. On the native firmware device freezes hard (to fall off from the network) consistently every 3-4 days, and even more often.

Surprisingly, the net system is stable for months with a complete set of software and loaded on most can`t (torrents, net ball, MiniDLNA … I even core system and some software on it was collected in 4 threads! Hovered just walk!)

3 and 4. The web interface is often “break”. That place is not pokazyaet, something else. He wrote all through one place (extremely crooked, but nice …). Within the system is not better - a crutch crutch crutch chases.

Alternativay in the face OpenMediaVault or WebMin works much more stable, not to mention functional.

  1. transcoding devaysa little relics. While yes, there is support for Neon, which greatly speeds up the work with multimedia. But even so not enough for FullHD : Smileysad:

  2. This is because the dump device from the network. (Paragraph 2)

Yes, save on everything, what can I say.

But, **bleep** it, and might even try a little! The device is capable of more!

Hey, im surprised you are facing so many problems. hopefully, here at the community there would be people with smart workarounds, if not absolute solutions. 

I havent faced so many problems using the WD and believe me im fully immersed in the apple ecosystem. lets take it point by point. 

  1. to save access a file on mycloud, what app / software do you use?

  2. NEVER use the mycloud app on your iphone to stream anything!! here you go with some great (free) apps that will help you stream photos, music and video’s really fast. Buzzplayer, FusionStream, Mediaconnect, Allcast, ArkMC Lite. 

2A. 2B and 3 - when i initially purchased, it i had a similar problem of my device randomly going offline. i realized that i had done a firmware upgrade, and thats where the problem seemed to be. What worked for me was to reset everything to factory, make sure you dont upgrade the firmware. the new firmware (at that time) wasnt stable, and working on the orginial firmmare solved my problem. 

You see, DONT rely on too much support / apps / features natively provided by WD. Look at WD simply as a platform / hardware provider and then look out for third party apps to access / stream your data. ther are several on the app store. 

  1. related to the above. 

  2. ITunes itself has limitations. Again, I use third party apps to stream music stored on Wd MC. 

A few more pointers. Theres a paid app available. photosync. its brilliant! its the best solution i have seen to automatically sync pictures you take on your iphone / ipad everytime you enter your wifi zone. 

TIME machine backup also works very smooth. 

There are only things i am lookign out for a solution to. 

  1. I havent found a file explorer or backup solution to auto-back up/sync my phone and ipad with mycloud. 

  2. A particular issue i face with photosync. there are times when the assigned IP address of MC automatically swaps. you see i have two routers at home, one is the main router, the other works as an access point. there are times when photosync stops automatically syncing because the IP address of the routers seems to swap. i do not know if this is a router issue, WD issue or photosync issue. 

I hope whatever little info i gave you helps, do feel free to contact for any other assistance i could be of. 

Hi, thanks for your post, I’ll try and respond to you nice and easily:

  1. To save a file on MC? - Well, I could be using anything, couldn’t I? If I’m working in a program, then I would use that program, right? Lightroom, Pages, Numbers, anything - File > Save As > Choose Location (on MC) > Save.

Same for opening a file, I might open from within a program or directly from Finder. It varies. I’m one of those annoying customers that tend to do things as I need them.

  1. Never use the MyCloud App? Whilst I appreciate you confirming what I have since learned myself, its that annoying phrase that the sales guy left out when I bought it. In fact, the app was demo’d at point of sale as a great way to access your content remotely. I know now of course that it was bullsh*t.

  2. Going offline still happens, I contacted WD Support to show them just this week actually, they skilfully sidestepped the question and asked me about the weather or something. Agreed though, another piece of bullsh*t re this device. It doesn’t actually like to connect you to it remotely, its a bit like being sold a baseball bat to play tennis with. It doens’t work.

  3. Skip

  4. iTunes is a complete and utter disaster. iTunes doesn’t like its library on a NAS and MC doesn’t stream video. So together the pair are a complete waste of space, time and money. They dont work… at all! lol

I know Photosync but not sure its got any relevence to this tbh!?

Bottom line remains that I could have bought a decent external HDD, attached it to my iMac and got on with my life. Instead, I was duped into believing that bringing Dropbox into your own house and managing your own remotely accessible cloud would be the way forward. I agreed. Until I realised I Western Digital’s MyCloud product, and its associated apps, do not work for any kind of remote accessibility. It’s pants beyond belief! :) 

I’m still talking to WD Support about all this. We make no progress, just mail each other all day suggesting more bullsh*t things to try. We are going to try a new unit now which will involve me transferring 2TB of data from one MC to another. That will no doubt be riddles with failures. I just cant wait. One more major issue and its going back to WD attached to a brick :slight_smile:

I just spent 5 days at Disneyland Paris - we thought we’d connect back to the MyCloud to watch some Disney films in the room at night.

The MyCloud desktop app on my MacBook Pro wouldn’t connect - so we thought we’d use the iPad instead.

On the iPad - DEVICE OFFLINE!!! AGAIN!!!

Excellent!!! The ever-poo  Western Digital MyCloud strikes again.

Thank you Western Digital!!! You’re awesome!!


Is your My cloud usig dynamic ip or static address?  I ask because my daughter

was having problems using her printer at time because it woud say its offline.  I

checked into the problem and found that the printer had one ipaddress and the

PC thought the printer was on  different IP address.  So I setup the printer with

aa static IP. 


PS My Cloud uses a static IP.  As far as I know I’ve never lost the connection.


It’s a static IP :slight_smile:

Well after all this time and life wasted, I am now returning my WD MyCloud to WD for good. It’s gargabe, it doesnt work, I have lost all motivation to talk about it or its behaviour anymore. They’ve agreed to exchange it for a MyBook, I’m going back to USB attached directly to the Mac. Hopefully my tech life will be peaceful again now. 

RIP MyCloud. You were truly rubbish.