Help with streaming video

So here is my issue: Used to have an older linksys G router and worked fine using the network share.  The router died and I got a Linksys E 1500.  I am also using a belkin N150 usb adapter with the wd tv live plus.  My desktop is plugged in through the LAN.  I can access my share folder no problem still, but playing any movie it freezes and barely starts.  Even non HD movies, where before even on G I could stream 720P or non HD no problem.  Any help or advise would be great.


Send a PM to TonyPh12345, he have help a lot of users with network issues. He is our resident network wizard. 

I would suggest you try different channels. 

Since the E1500 is a 2.4GHz-Only device, you are limited to channels 1,6 and 11  (all other channels overlap each other.)

You can also try to re-orient your WDTV so the USB stick is pointing in different directions.

 Connect your WDTV unit with an Ethernet cable DIRECTLY. No routers or WIFI noise. Then go from there. If you add your router and it dies then its obviously the router.

 Check to see if your router is on the recommended equipment list.

 Sounds like a router issue. Was the new router on sale? LOL :dizzy_face: