WD Live TV and use of Cisco Extender

Good morning Gents,

I am new to this forum and I am sorry if this subject has already been covered. I would appreciate some feedback about this probelm.

 I have a WD Live TV box that is connected (wireless connection) to a thomson wireless G router. The router is connected to a PC which has an external hard disk( share drive ) containing video clips.

As the house is very lage, I have a linksys RE1000 extender which is physical located half way between the Router and the TV set. The network signal is 4 bars (very strong).


When you go into the WD box, you can see the share drive and all the video clips. All listed as normal.

When I try and run any movie clips, the hour Glass arrow is displayed on the screen and goes around and round and nothing happens.  We moved to this house last week and due to its size, I had to buy this extender to provide more coverage. When I was using this G Router and the WD box in the old house, we had no issues playing DVD movies. However due to the weak network signal, I could not play the HD movies. It simply froze.

However now in the new set up, I cannot play anything. Can you point me to what could be the problem?

Thank you again. Hamish  

If the WD TV is receiving a strong signal there should be no issues using the extender, since in theory it will be passing the same signal from the router.  You may try resetting the router, along with the extender and the WD TV Live Streaming, this one by holding its reset button for a minute.

Thanks for the reply,

The signal on the WD TV is very strong (4 bars) and I also get the same signal rate on the laptop in the room without any issues. Where do I reset the WD live tv? Is there a button for the reset of this unit?


Just look in system setup for the reset to factory defaults or look for the small paperclip hole on the bottom. You need to press the switch for a couple of seconds and then release with the player fully booted up.