My network issue

Let me try to describe my setup. My wired PC is running Windows 7. I have a 25mb download speed from Charter, and I have it hooked up with a Blekin enhanced N router. Wireless devices that connect to the router are: Evo Phone Galaxy Tab running allshare ROKU HD WD TV LIve Plus - this uses a D-link range booster N USB adapter I primarily use the WD TV to stream local content from my hard drive such as high quality DVD rips usually 2-6 GB 720p quality files. Here is my issue - I have noticed lately that while I am playing my WD TV that ends up being the only thing able to work, my wifi devices can’t connect and strangely even my wired PC can’t connect. As soon as I pause the WD TV then I can reconnect although sometimes I need to reboot the router or restart the modem. and obviously I don’t want to spend my time doing that. Any suggestions on my network configuration? (I pretty much just plugged it in and windows 7 configured it for me) I also bought a 50ft ethernet cable but if I can avoid running it and making holes in my wall to do it I would rather go wireless every time. any feedback is appreciated thanks

What  is the exact model number of your wireless router? It sounds like it could be the issue. Does it have a distance limit?