WD TV Live Streaming constantly losing network connectivity

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if anybody else is having the following issue:

WD TV Live Streaming (1.10.13) connected to my wireless network (802.11 n) with Netgear router:DGND3700-5G. security is WPA2-PSK

Every now and then (cannot detect a pattern, but often enough to be annoying) the device will loose network connectivity, it can see the wireless network and can identify it but it reports it can’t connect to it.

I know that the network connection is not the problem because a second WDTV Live device elsewhere in the house can connect fine, and so can my laptop and my PS3. Factory reseting fixes the issue every time.

Turning the device on/off doesn’t help, and neither rebooting the router, the only thing that helps is a factory reset, which is very annoying. This issue happens with both my devices (WD TV LIVE and TV LIVE Streaming) since I bought them.

Any suggestions? both devices (the WD TV LIVE and TV LIVE Streaming) are awesome when they work, the problem is that they require factory resets multiple times a week, when other devices connected to the same network work flawlesly…any assistance would be appreciated.

Could be a problem with the IP lease to the WD TV Live

try updating the firmware on the router

you can also try assigning a static IP to the WD TV and see how it goes


My router is now using the latest firmware, but that hasn’t fixed either of the issues with my devices, I still need to power cycle my WD TV Live constantly, sometimes I’m in the middle of playing a movie and it will stop saying that it can’t connect to the network, some times it stops responding altogether and I need to remove the power cord.

I will try the second suggestion, that of assigning static IP addresses and will report the results. Thanks for your help.

I have assigned an IP address to both my WDTV Live devices but the issue still occurs every now and then, factory resetting the device fixes it every time.


what I would do is

  1. interchange your smp’s to rule out that it is not a hardware problem. If the other smp gives the same connection problems it is probably not the smp that causes the problem. 

  2. Reading your story the first thing that comes to mind is: bad spot, i.e the smp’s is on a spot where the wireless signal is weak. If there are other wireless networks in your neighbourhood they can disturb the connection between your smp and the router. As long as neighbouring wireless-networks are idle the wireless signal between smp and your router may be sufficient, but when your neigbour starts using his wireless connection it may knock out your connection.

I had a similar problem in my house, one small room on the second floor had a weak wirless signal and the other rooms on the second floor were fine. For me the cheapest solution was start using a utp-cable …

  1. Check the wireless transmitting power in the settings of your router (High? ). 

Your first suggestion to swap units is a good one.

Weak signal came to my mind, too.  Especially, if the problem stays in the “location” and not with the unit.  Cranking up power won’t do much to help.  Best thing is to use inSSIDer  on a laptop to examine the signal at the location, and adjust antenna of router for max signal there, AND look at all the other wireless around you and select a clear channel to broadcast on.  inSSIDer is free and there are PC and Mac versions.

Thanks everyone for all your suggestions, I tried swapping the devices and I don’t think the problem is signal interference, as the WD TV Live had problems in any spot of the house, but the WD TV Streaming works just fine in either of the rooms.

To rule out wireless signal issues I recently decided to install a few Netgear PowerLine 200 adaptes around the house, one on my Router, one on the bedroom for my WD TV Live and one on the main living room for the WD TV Live Streaming.

The router has a USB set up as a share with some HD Videos, and so does the WD TV Live streaming in the living room, I can see both, the PC and the WD TV Live content from my WD TV Live in the bedroom, but I can only properly play content from the USB on the router, playing staff from the USB attached to the WD TV Live streaming is painfully slow for standard quality video, and virtually impossible for HD video.

So, it was actually faster to stream via WiFi (when it worked) than it is on ethernet over powerline!!!

I’m really not sure what else to do, both devices still have reserved IP addresses (and different network names, I checked that). The devices work flawelesly when playing from storage directly connected, but over a network I have had so many problems that is making attempting to watch videos very frustrating.

Any other suggestions? do you think that I am affected by WiFi congestion and also by bad electrical wiring?

  Any other suggestions? do you think that I am affected by WiFi congestion

Yes, I earlier suggested you use inSSIDer to examine your signal and the wireless around you, etc.  Don’t know if you did.

Here is some more info about the program I wrote to someone this week.  It just might be a simple matter of changing your broadcast channel.

To help you do this, download the free program inSSIDer from metageek.com (there are versions for various platforms, Win, Mac, etc.)  Read the user guide there and install inSSIDer.  With this program you can see your wireless signal and all others around you.  If you have a dual-band router you can fine tune the 2.4G and 5G signals and channels for max effect.  Use a laptop so you can move around to view the signals, their strengths, etc.  Select the best (least crowded and strongest signal from your router’s) 2.4G channel from 1, 6, or 11 to broadcast on.  Do same for 5G channels – pick the best.  If you have adjustable antenna on the router, adjust your router antenna for best results and turn your router if necessary.  By using inSSIDer properly and effectively, you can squeeze blood out of a turnip.