No internet connection on wireless network

Hi everyone,

      This is my first post.  I bought my WDTV live unit last year and haven’t used it much becasue as soon as I try to watch video files I get a few minutes worth, then the frames freeze.  I think I was able to watch one movie in its entirety on only one occassion.  I wanted to try it again last night, and when turned on I noticed  the network settings were wiped.  I re-entered the network settings manually, and it worked for a few minutes but then froze.  I noticed at the same time, I lost internet service entirely.  As soon as I turned off the WD TV live unit, voila, my internet connection was restored.  I have a Linksys WRT 160N router and my wireless network seems to work fine, until I turn on the WD unit.  Anyone know what’s going on?

Not sure what is going on, but if you bought the unit last year the first thing I would do is to see if I had the latest firmware. If not, try updating to the latest firmware and see if that fixes anything. There is also a new Beta firmware you can try if the latest official firmware does not solve the problem.

Sounds to me like you’ve duplicated an IP address being used by another device.

Thanks for the responses…much appreciated.:smiley:

Firmware seems up to date, so if the IP address is being duplicated, can you point a neophyte like myself in the right direction to troubleshoot this? I don’t want to waste anyone’s time; if there exists some really straighforward steps to solving the duplicate IP address and get this unit functioning and not have my internet go down at the same time it would be a huge relief!

Thanks again.

If this seems likely, then you’ll need to examine every device on your network and see what IP address it is using.   No two devices can use the same IP at the same time.