Can anyone please advice on possible network problem

Dear Sirs,

I have a WD TV Live HD unit and have just attached it to a Cat6 Ethernet cable to a Gbit switch.

To the same switch I have a QNAP 219P NAS running latest firmware and TwonkyMedia.

The problem I am experiencing is that over this Ethernet link any movie I play (DVD quality, 720p, 1080p, AVI, MKV etc.) plays the video totally fine but the audio is interrupted for approx a second every now and then. It does not go out of sync, it just silences from now and then, sometimes every 15 secs or so, sometimes at longer intervals.

Same happens accessing the movie over eth both as a Twonky media server (DLNA/UpNP) or as Windows share.

The very same movies play just fine via a local USB device (stick or HDD).

The WD is connected to a Philps TV only via the HDMI cable.

Firmware is the latest upgrade it installed as soon as I connected the network for the firat time today.

What could I try ? Here are some ideas I have collected and would love to hear if any of them make any sense:

a) try setting a static IP address

b) install an unofficial FW which supports NFS and try with that protocol.

c) downgrade to some older FW

Thanks for any clarification/hint.


Does it have the same problem if you access it via Network Share instead of Media Server?

Yes Sir it DID :smiley:

I tried setting a fixed IP and now all works flawlessly.

Would have NEVER thought about this being the problem but apparently it is.

Hope this helps someone else.

Thanks for the attempt to help.