Movies cutting out after a few minutes


I have my wireless WD TV Live for a over a year now but its been having problems. I stream my movies from a HDD attached to my computer through my router to the WD TV Live. Its been working like a charm for mponths until tonight.  Ive been able to stream 4GB plus or 700MB it doest matter.

Now no matter what the size the movie freezes , speeds up then cuts back to the file list , or simply freezes then cuts back to the file list. Once or twice it said file not supported  , which is **bleep** as its been playing mp4’s all year.

I had a firmware update a few weeks ago and Im  thinking thats the reason.  My router is in the same position its always been in , so is the computer ,. so is the WD TV next to my flat screen

Any help on this would be apreciated.

Certainly could be that something has broken.  Could be the WD TV unit or could be your router or could be your harddrive.  Unfortunately, hardware fails–and not always completely.  We once had a router fail, but what happened is that connections through it just became flaky.  Only by replacing it and having all the problems go away could we be sure that the router was the problem.  Often those little wallwart power supplies cannot really handle the current that network gear pulls and they get flaky.

I would first try the following to diagnose: (1) see if you can play videos from the harddrive on the connected computer without issues; (2) attach the USB harddrive directly to the WD TV Live unit and see if videos on the drive play fine that way. If your hardware passes both of these tests, you need to try to explore issues with your network (principally the wifi router).

Actually you didn’t say how you are getting the videos from the PC.  Shares or DLNA server?

Yeah I’ll try that.

The router (netgear)  is pretty new , only several months old.