Getting frustrated... Please help!

So I bought the WD TV Live Plus right after it came out.  Had some small issues initially trying to share files/folders streaming on my network which I fixed after too much issue.  Then recently my Linksys wireless-N router died and I bought the latest/greatest Linksys E-3000 router and now simply cannot access my computer’s shares.  I managed to access the old router to copy settings to the new one without success and whenever I go to connect to my computer I get the error message “this network cannot be accessed” (or something like that).  I never changed any PC settings and since the issue only happened since the router switch I imagine it has to have something to do with it.  Can someone offer me some guidance on router settings to try?

BTW, I’m running a Windows 7 64-bit PC.

Thanks in advance…

You probably have network sharing enabled on the E-3000.

(I have TWO E-3000s, and don’t have any issues with them, so it’s not an endemic problem per se…)

Try this:

In the E-3000, navigate to STORAGE / ADMINISTRATION

Change the workgroup to something OTHER than “WORKGROUP”, then click SAVE SETTINGS.

That will prevent the E-3000 from becoming the Master Browser for your network.

Reboot your PC and WDTV.   See if it works now.

Thank you so much for the reply…  I’ll definitely try this and post results!

No such luck…  tried alternating the workgroup name to no avail.  Still get the same error message “this network cannot be accessed”.  …Very flustered.  Can’t understand how a simple router change (by the same company mind you) can suddenly disallow access to my PC for streaming. 

I wonder:  Would a wireless connection somehow be easier?  I’m currently plugged directly in to the router which I know is preferable for streaming and speed, but for the purposes of connecting/sharing my network would a wireless dongle somehow be easier?  Any other ideas to rectify this connection issue?