Cannot join windows 7 network (again)! HELP PLEASE!

After my previous router bit the dust I went out and bought a new Linksys E3000 router and have now lost the ability to join my home network with my WD TV Live Plus HD. 

I never quite understood “how” I was able to join with my previous router since I didn’t tweak anything, but merely plugged the device in and was able to connect without entering a password by hitting “ok” on the WD TV.  The only issue previously was sharing my selected folders.  But now after getting this new router whenever I take the same steps to join the network I get the error message “cannot join the selected network”.  …Oddly, I can still access netflix without issue so I know I’m functional otherwise. 

Any advice on tweaking my router (and/or PC) to regain my network shares?  For the record I’m running Windows 7 64bit.

Thanks for any/all help!  …I love this thing when it’s running right but the network connect/sharing has been a migraine from the beginning and WD really needs to beef up ease-of-use and support.  It’s really one of the only major drawbacks I’ve found so far.


Welcome to the forums.

FIrst make sure you reset the Live unit.  After that if you are still having problems make sure you follow all these steps (and watch out for Windows Live assistant):

Thanks for the welcoming and the reply…  I’ll be sure to give it a shot!

As mentioned in my previous post, I was able to access all my shared folders without issue using my old router (no tweaked router settings either) but not with this one, so I’m really leaning towards it being a router setting of some sort since it won’t even let me join the network at all, let alone access my (supposedly) shared files.  :-/  …And I DO have an older version of windows live assistant installed but it never gave me issue in the past.  I suppose I can try to get rid of that but wouldn’t that mean I’d lose all the windows live progs that go with it?  I use a couple of those regularly so I’d prefer not to lose them…

Anyway, I’ll be sure to try those suggestions and will post how it works out for everyone!


You’re using terms that aren’t making sense to me.

In reality, a ROUTER should have absolutely NO BEARING on your internal network.  

Your Router isn’t even accessed when your LAN devices talk among each other.

I don’t know what you mean by “It won’t let me join the network.”  

What are you doing when you get those error messages?   I’ve never seen anything like that message, and I’ve had my share of network issues.  ;)

Give us an exact, step-by-step path you’re taking.


    Turn on the WDTV.

   Go the Menu “XXXX”.

   Select “ZZZZ”.