Help with PR4100 remote access

Good day everyone,

First of all apologies for this dumb question. I have a Western Digital PR4100 and I would like it to be available on the network for my other devices (like iPhone and iPad). Unfortunately due to the pandemic, I needed to move to a new place and the place doesn’t allow me to have my own router. All I have is wifi. Currently, the NAS is connected to my mac via ethernet and works just fine. I’m just hoping that there’s a way to make it available to the network.

Thank you for reading.


You can enable remote access from the dashboard of WD PR4100, add an email address to the user and turn on Cloud/Remote Access.

To get an idea about this, visit:

To access the dashboard of WD PR4100, check this out:

I am not sure the above works. . . .the answer presumes the NAS is plugged into a router somewhere outside your home. . . . to get all that to work properly makes you rely on either WD servers for communication or to solve several technical hurdles to achieve remote connection.

On this Wifi network; are you able to install an access point? An access point is essentially a router that connects to another router (either via wifi or cable) for internet access. You can configure an access point as a DCHP server. In this case, the access point would setup it’s own network subnet to which you can attach everything in your house. This will allow all your devices to talk to each other on their own home network; but then use the building router for internet access. People NOT logged into your access point won’t have access to the NAS or the other devices on your network.