Access dashboard outside network


I have a WD My Cloud 2TB device. I enabled Cloud Access and Remote Access.

If I the application "WD My Cloud’ on my laptop outside my home Wi-Fi network I am able to access my folders that are located on the NAS. When I enter in Google Chrome, or any browser for that matter, the WAN-address (IP-address) of my home network, I get to http://ip-address/UI. Only I can not access the dashboard. It gets stuck on “Verificatie proberen” which means in Dutch “trying verification”. How can I access the dashboard of the My Cloud from outside my home-internet network? My internet browser looks like this:

The Apache server on this NAS is configure to block access to the UI from outside the local network.

Thank you for your answer. Am I able to change that?

Also when I try to use FTP outside the network it does not accept my crendtials. If I am on the same network as my NAS FTP does work. Do you perhaps know how to get this to work?

You need to be in same subnet to access the UI…

So you need a VPN connection to access the UI

Thank you for your answer. Do you perhaps know why FTP is not working?