Help with MyCloud 5 OS download, update... from a LAN not the Internet

Hi folks,
With the Jan 15th deadline for updating the firmware on MyCloud devices fast approaching, I need help please. My MyCloud device is in shipping container at a warehouse – with the rest of my household goods. It will sit there for another year or more.

So I need to be able to use a Windows desktop as the download target for the firmware, then at some future date (when I have the drive back in my hands) use that desktop to manage the installation/update of that firmware onto the MyCloud 5.

Any help, thoughts, ideas most welcome!


Yes you can download the firmware and manually update your My Cloud.

From the Knowledge Base link at the top of the page, WD has several articles coving how to manually update one’s My Cloud to OS5. See the WD Support page (link at top of page) for your device, it has a section for downloading firmware where you can download the file for offline storage for when you need it.

How to Download and Manually Update Firmware on a My Cloud

My Cloud OS 5: How to Manually Update From My Cloud OS 3

My Cloud OS 5: How to Update Manually From My Cloud OS 3 Without Internet Connection

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That’s the way it works! You download the file for the OS5 update and place it on your computer. Be sure to save the file in a place where you will not delete it. When you are ready to install it, do a manual install and use the file you have downloaded.

Software and Firmware Downloads | WD Support (

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What WD Device do you own? Is it the WDMYCLOUD and if yes, is it a 1st or 2nd generation?


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Thanks! Another five hours of hunting around and reading finally brought me to those pages and that conclusion, and the downloads have been done. They’ll wait (probably a year or two) until I can use them.

As far as I can tell, it’s a WDMYCLOUD before they started hanging extra names & numbers onto the devices. 4TB… hardly worth the effort these days, it seems.

Thanks! I did finally get to this conclusion myself, via these links (see my reply below to Cat0w).