HELP! WD My Cloud and Playstation 4 integration! It is much appreciated!

Thanks for looking into my question.

I just bought a Playstation 4 and a WD My Cloud 1 TB storage device.
Playstation is all set up and working, so is the WD My Cloud.
Both devices are on the same network. However, my PS4 does not show the WD My Cloud anywhere.

Is there a workaround how to pull videos / pictures from the WD into the PS4?
It works perfectly fine on my older PS3.

I have read some info on it not being possible but I am sure some whizz kid has found out a way to do it.

Many thanks again for helping out!

It works with videos on PS3, I doubt they removed the capability.

have you enabled media serving? Can you see the media in another DLNA client?

what exactly are you trying to see on the PS4?