Not seeing folders/files from a ps4


I have a my cloud 2tb nas drive that I load movies onto then watch from either a Philips bluray player or a PS4. Just recently any new folders of movies that are loaded to the my cloud device refuse to show up on either the blu ray player or the ps4, but they are visible when I browse to the my cloud from a p.c. or a laptop or a tablet or my phone. Anyone know what the issue here is please. The firmware is all up to date but the drive was purchased in 2013.

Thanks - Paul

Hello pauls39,

Does your bluray player support DLNA? if so see the manual to use it. if not it may not be able to stream those files.

If it has DLNA support be sure media sharing is set on for the My Cloud on each share you want to stream, the internet cable should always be plugged in.

You could refer the link below for supported media files on DLNA.