Help, WD device went down, now trying to access root files with sata port

i bought my 4tb mycloud 6 months ago, had it 2 months, something happened with the network. i had to do the reboot and then it just went to a red light. couldnt do anything so the wd people sent me a new one (great folks!). now i have removed the 4tb drive from its encloser and installed it into a j5create model:JEE351 enclosure. can any one tell me if its possible to access my 200 gb of data … like an external hard drive? i would really like to be able to pull off the data … then reformat and use it as an external drive. thanks.

You should be able to mount the data partition in Linux e,g Ubuntu and copy the data out.
Though in the past I came across an issue while doing that, that my share showed as protected in Ubuntu and I couldn’t copy the data.