Lost all access to MyCloud Device

I lost all connection to my device. Swapped out Enet cables, swapped out ports. Tried soft reboot, tried hard reboot. Front light never changed from solid amber. Per WD, I tried connecting via Enet directly to my PC, no luck. Tried connecting USB to another WD Hard Drive I have, no luck. Data recovery to send it off would be a minimum of $400. I have a friend that does Computer Forensics with the Police and FBI. He opened it up, connected to the Sata (?) port and could see that the device is 6TB and it had 7 partitions. But even then, he is still having a hard time seeing files of any kind. I had connection about a week ago, sporadically. Tried to do a firmware update but it never could complete the download. Very dissappointing that we spend all of this money on WD and their products fail just after warranties expire.

Your friend needs to mount the largest partition using linux.