4TB MyCloud corrupted lost all data/files - Any suggested replacement?

Worked with WD support. Unable to access the device any longer. Unfortunately I lost all data since last backup to a secondary drive. They no longer offer the one I had.

Are there any comparable Cloud drives out there that anyone can recommend as a replacement?

What specific methods have you tried or used to access the My Cloud? What color is the front LED of the My Cloud? Is it blue or some other color. If blue that generally means the My Cloud is working fine and the problem with accessing it lies elsewhere with either the computer settings or with the network/router settings.

If the hard drive within the My Cloud has actually failed (usually indicated by a front red LED) then one can remove the hard drive from the My Cloud enclosure (called shucking, plenty of Youtube vieos out there showing how it’s done) and attached to a computer using either a spare SATA port on the computer or using a USB to SATA enclosure/adapater. The My Cloud hard drive is formatted in Linux format so typicaly one can use Linux (or a Linux boot disk/USB flash drive) to access the hard drive contents. From there one can backup the user data (from partition #4) to another location/hard drive.

From there one can either attempt to “unbrick” the existing My Cloud hard drive to see if it can be restored to out of box condition. Or one can use the unbrick procedure on a new hard drive and insert that new hard drive back into the My Cloud enclosure so it can be reused. This assumes the My Cloud hardware motherboard itself hasn’t failed. There have been many users (including myself) who have used unbricking procedures to replace the existing My Cloud hard drive with a different new/used hard drive.

The unbricking steps for the first gen single bay My Cloud is different than the unbricking procedure for the second gen single bay My Cloud so make sure to use the correct version if unbricking.

Thank you for your response.

I went through WD tech support. They had me try all kinds of things. I seem to recall even at the Linux level. They are the ones that told me it is toast.

I am not tech savvy enough to go beyond their help. Luckily I had backed it up recently. So the bulk of the data was not totally lost. Though it was used for remotely transferring photography. So I am bummed with what was truly lost.

I am just reluctant to replace it with anything that is actually the same.

I am looking for recommendations to replaced it with another Cloud drive Looking for a Cloud/NAS Raid drive with around 4TB capacity that won’t break the bank.

Just stay away from the mycloud HOME line of products. :wink:

While one could recommend any number of replacement products; I am curious about your use case. “remote transferring photography”. It sounds like you want something more than a “hard drive on the network”. It sounds like you might like the Wireless Mypassport product. . . although that has limitations.

The MyCloud drive I had was one of the originals. White case, single drive 4TB. Though it was often buggy I found it effective.

I often used it to wirelessly transfer photos to my computer for use building website. It allowed me to transfer multiple images at once. I also used it to save photos when traveling, back to my home.

I wasn’t going to replace it but found I miss it greatly. I have been using Dropbox now in a similar fashion but it is too cumbersome since it only seems to allow transferring a single image at a time.

We also have multiple wireless computers on our home network and used this MyCloud as our common network drive/storage. We miss that function as well .

It just seems like anything (WD) that is equivalent is a large $ jump.

We are trying to accomplish the same thing that also incorporates a RAID function. Looking at a budget of under $300.

Take out the drive from the MyCloud. If it is good, then get a Synology or QNAP enclosure and install the drive in that. You should have no further problems. I have three 2 bay MyClouds and three single bay devices. I bought into the MyCloud Kool-Aid because of their simplicity. But if you have any issues, forget it. I had to rebuild the low level firmware code and file structure in my single bay MyCloud because of a common firmware corruption issue. 99.99999% of owners would not be able to do this, hence the Synology/QNAP recommendation.