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hello everybody! i have a little issue, i dont know how can i change the software that opens the files in my cloud app or if i could do it. my problem is that for example when i try to open a video file from the app its opens in streaming with windows media player, and what i want its to change it to VLC or Films and TV (app W10) its possible? how it works the streaming when the fille has more than one language? and .srt ?
i m new with the device so, a hand of anyone with a little bit of experience would be great :smiley:

Change your default app to VLC or Films and TV on your computer.


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If local to your network, don’t bother with the MyCloud app, just map the drive into your computer’s file system, and treat it like any other drive, accessing it with your file manager. Then you can open files with whatever program you want.

None of the wd software is necessary to use the MyCloud local to your network. And there are usually better open source solutions to their sync and backup tools.

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