Mycloud streaming video

I use VLC to play videos remotely, I’ve never understood why some files download before playing and some play directly of MYCLOUD device. I am playing them across the Internet.

When I used the Mycloud app I was reasonably successful but since I switched to logging on via I never seem to stream succesfully. I can see my folders and select files and download them but it was far easier when they just played them.

I it something to do with format or a setting on the MYCLOUD or what.

I am using a Windows PC to look at the files
Thanks in anticipation

Can you clarify?

Are you trying to read files across the internet; or from the same home network that the MyCloud is sitting on?

If you are streaming across the internet. . be mindful of your ISP upload speed. Upload speed is typically only a fraction of download speed. You may need 10-15mbs upload speed to stream higher quality video files.

If you are using VLC across the internet; how exactly are you accessing your home network? If a VPN is involved. . .that likely slows things down.

Note that the Mycloud app and introduces a third party server into the mix; (but admittedly, your home ISP upload speed is probably the real bottleneck)

Thanks for that. The mycloud is in Sheffield the recipient is in Loughboro 60 miles away. I succesfully used the old app in Dubai.
To use Vlc I click on the file and VLC is the default app for the file type. As I said using the old app immediately played it sometimes without having to wait for it all to download which is what I want to happen.

Are some filetypes easier for WD software to moveabout?


Not that I know of. . . . .my personal experience is streaming weak link was my ISP upload speed.

Beyond that. . .just a question of file size. A movie, at 4-8gb takes time. A youtube video, at 100mb, is quick.

My upload speed is around 16 meg, which I appreciate is good.

The problem seems to have started since I updated the firmware on MYCLOUD because it stopped connecting to the WD site and then I had to use the Web Page instead of the app. I’m wondering if there are some settings that need tweaking.


ohhh. . . yes. . .something is goofy.

I can’t trouble shoot the wd connection. . . .I have basically firewalled my network drives from the internet. (I basically figured out how to do it once. . . tried it a bit. . . .discovered my upload bandwidth problem about the same time I realized how insecure the devices are. . . .then turned it all off)