Remote streaming with lower video quality


I am using WD My Cloud app on my PC, if I want to watch the movie remotely outside the home network. When I am opening the video file, VLC player is starting automatically and everything working fine.
But often, in the reason of bad internet connection and high quality (big size) of the video in my storage, VLC cannot stream it without stops and artifacts.
So my question is: Could VLC reduce (or convert) the video stream to minimize the network load? Or maybe some another media players with such options exist?..I think I’ve read about such player somewhere in WD database, but could not find it again.

Don’t think it’s possible unless you have Plex or Emby (server installed on the PC). My Cloud is weak for any on-the-fly transcoding without a PC.

Maybe I didn’t understand right, but why “without PC”? I want to use the same own laptop, but via streaming media player that can reduce video quality.

The single bay/single drive My Cloud does not transcode the media file when it is streamed from the My Cloud to another computer or media device (typically using DLNA). VLC on the computer/device side cannot “lower” the video quality because it has to obtain the video from the My Cloud first before either playing the file or manipulating/saving the file. One workaround is to batch convert (using something like Handbrake) the media files into a lower resolution/bitrate/size media file. One could then store the converted files into another folder/directory on the My Cloud.

The My Cloud app is the best app to remotely stream video to a mobile device. If you are streaming to a computer remotely you likely have slower internet service than you have at home at the remote location. I only stream more appropriate video format (like mp4) remotely and don’t mess with MKV or ISO remote streaming as I do at home.

The only way to do this would to have a service running on a PC which you connect to (Like PLEX) instead of the NAS which will transcode on the fly for lower quality outgoing video.

The Mycloud doesn’t have the hardware to do this , something like this would need something with a lot more powerful hardware to be built in , your other option would be to copy a lower quality converted file in a different format (MP4) and put them in a different share for when you are away…

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your other option would be to copy a lower quality converted file in a different format (MP4) and put them in a different share for when you are away…

Exactly what I do for tablet use and remote access use, although I don’t do it with lower quality videos; most are made with Handbrake from my ISO files I use for TV viewing.

The fact that Plex must transcode certain files is ridiculous. My WDTV media player and Kodi installed on a Fire TV do the decoding (including ISO files) and work great. Plex is a ridiculous program used mostly by people who do not know a better way or have the right hardware to get the job done,

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