Help: Problems with Wireless USB adapters

When I bought the WD TV Live I tried with an SMC wireless USB 2.0 dongle (SMCWUSBT-G2) but it didn’t recognize it. Checking the documentation (faqs,…) I saw it was not in the list of supported devices. So I bought today a Liksys WUSB100 which should be a supported one (according to the same list). But it still isn’t recognized. Any ideas before I return it and try another one?

Thanks in advance.

I have now returned the Linksys and bought a Belkin F5D8055 (also in the list). The WD TV Live now detects it - I get the wired/wireless options, if finds my wireless network - but after I set the rest of the details (SSID, WPA,…)  it can’t get the IP address. And once again I’m left without netowrk access!

I’m getting really frustrated and starting to wonder if this could be an issue with the WD TV Live.

I’ll be grateful for any hints.

Try upgrading the firmware. I had this problem and it seem to fix it. Don’t get frustrated cause once you get it going you will LOVE IT!!!

Thanks for the response extrememc. I suppose you mean the firmware for the WD TV Live, right?!? I bought it very recently and it comes with firmware 1.01.11, which I believe is the latest (good) one. Or is there another one out there? Thanks again

Here a link  WD TV Live Firmware.

extrememc, looking at the link I would conclude they suggest not to upgrade to 1.01.12

“The product in stores and shipping today is functioning normally. Update version 1.01.11, and the Internet update process for 1.01.11 are also functioning normally. So if you own a product that you haven’t updated, or buy a product today, you can safely update it with version 1.01.11, which is now the most current update”.

Or did I miss something?


did you try to use a static ip.

On my squeezebox for example i also use a static ip, cause sometimes it took ages until it got an ip address.

I would always use static ips for devices that you always use in the same network.

And i once forgot that i set my router to not allow new devices to connect (MAC address filter).

After 30 frustrating minutes and nearly smashing my laptop against the wall i took a look into all wlan settings on the router. :angry: And found to my surprise that i enabled the mac filtering.

Oh and if you have a hidden ssid try not to hide it, i had problems with that sometime ago connecting a linux machine

to router with hidden ssid. And the wd has a linux os, as far as i know.