Help please My Book 1 TB not functioning

HI, i have owned the My Book 1 TB fExternal Drive or PC for almost a year with no issues. Now I want to use it and access my files and the only thing i can report is 

The white light does not light or blink

I only hear a whining noise for about 10 seconds (like it is going into startup) and then nothing.

I tried this on 2 PC’s 

It does not show up at all in Windows as a drive or under Disk Managment.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Does it fire up for a couple of seconds with just the power supply plugged in and not connected to a computer? It should. Try that first and then connect to the computer and see if there is a response as you connect. Also try the different interface cables. good luck.

Contact WD and see if they will send you another power adapter. If that isn’t it it’s probably the drive or circuit board.