HELP newb a little stuck with setting up as a music NAS

All I really want to do is use the mycloud as a NAS drive for the music folder.

How in simple terms do I copy the music folder that I have on the current desktops HDD over to the mycloud.

My set up is as follows

I am using minim as the media server (windows Media server is disabled) and realise I will have to point this to the WDcloud etc but at the moment I cant work out how I move the music folder over (or create a new folder) and all the music inside it to the mycloud 3TB

First, if you haven’t done so already, read the My Cloud User Manual ( which explains how to use the My Cloud and it’s features.

Second, the My Cloud already includes a media server called Twonky for streaming music, video, pictures. The My Cloud also includes an iTunes media server for streaming music to iTunes capable devices.

Third, one configures the My Cloud, including creating additional “Shares”, enabling/disabling the Twonky media server (and iTunes media server), enabling/disabling “Media Serving” on those Shares through the My Cloud Dashboard.

Forth, to copy files/folders to the My Cloud one typically uses Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. One can make things easier by “mapping” a Share to the local computer.

Fifth, MiMim Server has a Installation (t) and User Guide ( that explains how to use that media server (if you haven’t seen it already).

If using the embedded Twonky media server it is recommended one read the following unofficial Twonky FAQ.

1st problem - which probably confused me is I cant see the shared areas in file explorer - I seem to see now this is a common win 10 prob but using “run” i can go to it…

So I assume once I have transferred everything I can use twonky rather than minim?

Did you try to map the shares?

trying that but when i try to map the folder its greyed out

Ah it could be because since I worked out I could get the shared areas to show buy using “run \xxxx etc” that I am now transferring the music. I’ll wait for that to finish - its on 97%

I have Windows 10 with all updates on both my Laptop and Desktop computers and I have not had any problems viewing my My Cloud, 1st generation, on the Network .


It’s important as already recommended in other post that you read all information WDMyCloudInfoIcon, WDMyCloudInformationIcon, along with Help, image, that is provided in the Dashboard. Read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud. Treat the My Cloud like a computer, as it is, and drag and drop your music unless you want to back it up to your My Cloud using backup software.

Have been through it all but the initial problem of it never appearing as a “PC” in the network list is the root issue.

It appears as a media player “twonky” and a storage device “clicking this simply sends you tom myclouds dashboard”

As I said I can get the shared areas to appear by directly accessing the address and can now get this to stick in file explorer by pinning it to the quick access area

Reading through the other posts (related) it does seem to be w10 related

hmmm even more confusing is I can now see it where it should be (after the transfer is complete) - but only under its http address description.

But if I try to map this from the network root it doesn’t exist !

Anyway twonky seems to have found everything and is streaming fine - just seems I have this roundabout way to add things

If your Windows 10 PC is connected to the same local network as the My Cloud then see the following post that has several suggested things to try when it comes to Windows 10 settings and the inability to see devices on the local network.

Also make sure to use the same workgroup name for both the My Cloud and the computers on the local network.

Check the computer’s firewall/security software as certain firewall/security software settings may block access to local network devices like the My Cloud.

As a troubleshooting step try accessing the My cloud using the My Cloud’s IP address.

Twonky is a DLNA media server. It has its issues but is a functional media server for streaming supported content. See the MY Cloud User Manual for more information on Twonky supported streaming media.