Is there a way to access files on MyCloud just like a HDD in a simple, straightforward way?


I’ve had this MyCloud for nearly 2 months and end up neglecting it a lot because I find the UI(and a lot of the instructions) incredibly unintuitive. When I asked for this for my birthday, I thought it was something that I could simply save and play media from that could be accessed from my desktop, laptop and phone so long as it was plugged in/activated.

Is there a way to open its contents(at least in Windows 10) just like I would any folder, and simply access them? All of these backup features are failing to get me where I need to be with this product. Maybe there’s a simple solution, but I haven’t found it, and wonder if there’s a certain app I need to download for these purposes. Thanks!

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Maybe it all in the way you use the MC. First of all, My NAS has no “backups” on it. It is strictly a media server for all devices in the house and remotely for iPhones/iPads. All the media on the drive is FILE COPIES, and not per se, backup files. Since all the original media is safely stored elsewhere on drives. Everything on the NAS is a backup of the original folders and files; mostly music and videos.

Nothing is ever listened to or watched on a computer – with all the media playing devices we have, watching on a computer screen is SO old fashioned. Again, since it is so easy to access the NAS via Windows File Explorer, I can preview (not view) my videos after they have been copied to NAS. Viewing videos is a piece of cake, I just use an app on iPad to access the files on the NAS. I can use them on the iPad directly or send them to devices via Google casting or Bluetooth.

I do not feel the frustrations you do because I really know how best to use the My Cloud and my associated equipment. You need to learn the same.


Not sure why you appear to be having issues accessing the contents of your NAS in windows 10.

if your NAS is in the same WORKGROUP as your PC and laptop, you should be able to see it as an available network device under windows explorer, you can also map a network drive to give the various shares normal drive letters and access the content that way.

Set up DLNA for your shares and other devices (phone) can then access the content in those shares easily using a media file player, there are plenty of free ones…

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Map the Shares as network drives, using Windows file explorer.

Then you will be able to access the shares just as you would any local HDD.

You don’t need any WD software to simply use the device as a NAS.

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First if you haven’t done so already read the My Cloud User Manual ( which explains how to use the My Cloud. Also see the My Cloud Dashboard Help for additional help in using the Dashboard.

Accessing the My Cloud on the local network is as easy as using a file manager like Windows File Explorer or Mac Finder. One can make the process easier by “mapping” the My Cloud to their computer.

You will find all your music under Network>WDMYCLOUD>Share Name>Music. See example image below. When opened by computer it will play through Windows Media Player, Groove Music or iTunes if you use iTunes. What is your default player?

I play mine the most on my cell phone but at times on my TV"s.

Both my desktop and laptop have Windows 10 with all updates.

I don’t know why it had issues, but mapping has helped a lot. Thanks!

Thanks. Turns out you’re very right. :slight_smile: I’m interested in learning the backup feature and others for this device, but wanted a quick way to back stuff up before I do so just in case of any unforeseen problems with my internal HDD.

Bennor, thanks for this. Ultimately it was your “how to map” link that got me where I wanted to be on this topic. I do want to learn the benefits of the various apps like Backup, etc. but that will take more time, and I wanted the files copied over in the meantime while I get educated.

BTW, I’m a bit of a plane nut. Is that a Wildcat/Hellcat in your profile image? Kind of a wild guess on my part, but those come to mind.

Thanks. Yeah, I do want the option of playing it on my phone/etc. as well, but I’m often working at home so my beastly desktop saves me battery power for those devices. :slight_smile:

Thing is, I have a “data” partition on my internal drive, so while backup is automatic as far as I know, my guess is that since it’s not the default Windows folder, it wouldn’t show up in that folder by default(in my particular case, that is.) The partition is so I can share media between Windows and several Linux distros my massive internal drives houses(I multiboot to maximize the performance of each.)

My default player is VLC generally for video, though I use Media Jukebox/Clementine a lot for music(I often use Linux but need Windows for most non-indie games and art programs.) I like how iTunes handles internet radio stations, so I use that as well, on top of Spotify for streaming most music that isn’t on DI.FM.

I’ll eventually explore how to get this working on Linux as well, but that’s likely a topic for a separate thread.

Yes its a Wildcat that is on display at the O’Hare Airport in Chicago, IL.

Just curious did you read through the complete user manual for the MC, because most of your questions and answers are in there.