Help in regards to transferring data from WD My Cloud 6TB & Other

Newbie here,

I invested in the 16TB EX 4 - impressed so far since I can do more with it than my previous one.

Essentially, I have a 6TB My Cloud (the white one) and I want to transfer all the data over - is it a matter of just opening both windows on my Mac and dragging and dropping or is there a simpler way? I also have an 8TB Seagate Personal Cloud I want to transfer all the data across.

Any help would be appreciated.


You could try using the built in backup utility which can do NAS to NAS (as well as USB to NAS and NAS to USB) backups directly - providing both the source and destination NAS are WD My Clouds.

Having said that firmware (aka OS 3) has problems with backups if the backup “type” is set to “copy”. The alternative backup type, “synchronize”, appears to work OK if backing up to an empty folder on the destination.

I will give this a go - thank you!