Move drives to new NAS?

Hey all,

I have the 8TB My Cloud Mirror (two 4TB drives). I’ve gotten kind of tired of its unreliability and it’s god awful file manager.

I take it if I bought another NAS enclosure, it would be way more complicated to get it to work than just dropping the drives into it.

What would I need to do to transition these drives to another NAS or to a PC without losing my data?

Thanks. Really my question is, in the event that my My Cloud ever dies, will I be able to stick those hard drives into any PC or NAS and access my data? Or has WD saved the files in some proprietary format that would require me to use another WD product to access them?


edit: If I wanted to make a copy of my data, would I have to do it over network? Could I just plug in a USB external drive and copy from the My Cloud over to that?

What RAID Mode (RAID 0 / RAID 1 / JBOD / …) do you use?

I guess with RAID 1 (mirror) you will have a good chance to access your data through a adapter on a PC/Laptop.

Sorry for the incredibly late reply, if you are still around, I have it set up with RAID 1.

I’m assuming I need an app to see the files in Win 7 since it doesn’t support ext4, can you rec on?

I believe my My Cloud has died and I’d like to save my data.