HELP..Get Contrent Acting Very Odd

Ok here’s the situation…

I have the Hub and a WD Elements drive connected to it via USB.   I recently decided I’d like to store music on the internal Hub drive and Movies on the Elements so I moved files to the corresponding drive.  I also upgraded to the lastest firmware.

I have both set to use the Media Library and the Media Library is turned on of course.  In the process much of the cover art and metadata was lost for whatever reason.  No prob I used the “Get Content Info” for all my movies and voila all the proper backgrops, thumbails, metadata, etc… was back.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for my music folders on the hub.  I use the Get Content Info and the freedb comes up with nothing.  If I click on the folder to see the list of songs in the album and click Get Content Info the al;bum appears in the database!?!?!

For example I have the following folder heirarchy in the Hub:


=>Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard Of Ozz

Crazy Train.flac


Goodbye To Romance.flac

…and so on

At the Ozzy Osbourne - Blizzard Of Ozz folder level the get content info finds nothing (I have never had an issue with this before).  If I go into the folder, highlight the flac file Crazy Train and click get content info the Album “Crazy Train” appears and I can select it.  If I do this for all the songs in the album, the media libray builds and I end up with the Crazy Train album being listed 10 duplicate times in the gallery view. Not good. 

What the heck did I do.  I never had an issue like this before. I am filtering by All Albums.  Up until Get Ocntent Info has been a breeze.  Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

Forgot to mention that I have used the Clear Library function and have gone as far as deleting the .wd_tv folder but the behavior of the Get Content Info doesn’t change.  It only retreives info at the song level and makes a mess of the gallery.