Not populating music content information

Hello -

I’ve owned and used my WD TV Live Hub for a couple of weeks now and I’m impressed by its overall performance. For music, I am converting my WAV. files to FLAC and they work flawlessly. I use flash drives to transport the data. The question I have is - how do I push any music content into the hub files? I include the XML during the push but nothing appears when scanned or re-scanned. Is it perhaps because I am converting them to FLAC that media content info isn’t being populated? If not, then any suggestions?


Not sure, but check if the music files have the correct name.

Yes - Checked all of them and they are accurate. The only change I’ve made is the music folder nomenclature - by genre. All else works fine. It’s no biggie - I don’t really need the images, but it would be preferred.